The “Posters & Legends” project is not just photo posters. Their authors are necessarily interesting personalities about whom we are gladly to publish articles and interviews in the site's blog, social networks and profile media. We are updating collections of author's photographs and announcing the news. Thanks to this, our customers are very clear about the art works that they are holding in their hands... or on the wall.

Since March 2017, the retail gallery of photographic posters "Posters & Legends" has started operating in the TC Roomer (Moscow, Russia).
For 2017-2018 we plan to expand the network of retail galleries in Russia and Ukraine, as well as access to the US market.
POSTERS & LEGENDS – we create legends!

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Posters & Legends – production and sale of photo posters

The company “Posters & Legends” is engaged in the production and sale of photo posters. From a large number of workshops, engaged in photo printing our company is distinguished by an individual approach not only to customers, but also to authors. Each work in our gallery is a work of art, created by the photographer at the moment when he was touched by inspiration. You do not buy wallpapers, you touch real creativity. Our authors are photographers from all over the world who share with you the most valuable impressions. Many of our authors are real legends in their industry – by purchasing their photo posters, you bring to the interior the energy of their success!

We collected a wide gallery of art works, and for your convenience they are divided to themes. Each photo in the gallery is copyrighted, so buying a photo poster you become the owner of a unique author's copy of the master's work. The personality of the photographer is what we pay attention first!

No one creative process is possible without a strong technical part, so we work with the most modern equipment, using quality original consumables. Each stage of creating a photo poster is unique:
- you choose the image that you like and order a poster from us;
- we decide together on what material (photographic paper, plastic, host, foam cardboard, wood or other) the photo poster will be made, specify the type of fasteners and the conditions of your interior;
- together with you we specify the size of the future poster;
- we propose to have a look at the mocapes with the chosen poster for its "fitting" in the visualization of the interior - so the customer can see how the photo will look in space;
- after the preliminary stages, we completely take the work on making on ourselves, and you get a ready photo poster, which can only be hung on the wall.

For designers and decorators, we offer photo posters for residential spaces, restaurants, clubs and hotels on special terms of cooperation based on affiliate program for interior professionals.
Where can you find our photo posters? In a variety of interiors. Photographs are a fashionable detail of interiors and outdoor decoration – both of them. They are used for decoration of apartments and houses, in the design of office spaces, showrooms and development projects. Our clients are private buyers, interior designers, owners and managers of hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee houses and clubs. Our works are used in decoration of co-working spaces, summer terraces and outdoor events.

Our name sounds like "Posters and Legends". We keep author's legends by printing photo posters for you. We create legends, opening new names in the world of photo art and design!



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