The project "Posters & Legends" exists since 2013. It was started as a "project of one photographer" – Live-motion, – further cooperation with famous world photographers was developed and the project was merged with American brand "Posters & Legends".
At the moment, the project has more than 200 copyright photographs, based on which we print and sold photo posters for interiors of HoReCa, public areas, residential and office space. Our clients are interior designers, hoteliers and restaurateurs, private buyers. Depending on the wishes of the clients, our photo posters can be printed on various materials (photo paper, aluminum, plasticization, acrylic), decorated in a mat and frames made of aluminum, wood or plastic of various colors. Posters have unique numbers and certificates of authorship.
Since March 2017, a retail gallery of photographic posters "Posters & Legends" has started operating in the TC Roomer (Moscow, Russia). There is also an online store at, which allows us to serve the orders from the online segment.
In 2017-2018, we plan to expand the network of retail galleries in Russia and Ukraine, as well as entering the US market.
Our important feature is that we do not just sell photo posters, but make the names of our photographers and designers popular. We publish articles and interviews with them in the site's blog, social networks and profile media. We are announcing the collections of author's works and new events. Thanks to this, our clients are very clear about whose work they have the honor to hold in their hands.
POSTERS & LEGENDS – we give birth to legends!