Varvara Vlaskina

Varvara Vlaskina

Тольятти, Russia

Varvara Vlaskina is a young photographer and project manager with the true love to natural and man-made landscapes and adventures motives. Varvara travels a lot and, with an artistic point of view, she realizes what she sees in her projects and photos.

My father was involved in the photography, but I would not say that something was taken from him, except the idea that the ideological messages are one of the strongest. Black and white is the foundation, the basis, from which everything is created. You can endlessly admire its pithiness. Only "yes" and "no", only black and white (and their shades). Nothing more. But the world is too rich in colors, and I can't resist the temptation to show it. Posters for the interior – it is self-expression, and I really like this project. To change the camera settings to convey what I see, to correct errors in the graphical editors (the camera transmits differently than person sees). It is said that people born in the USSR and post-Soviet space love bright colors. To me this is definitely true. I love bright colors in clothing and photography, of course, united by logic and the harmony.

Founder of Posters & Legends

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