Vitaliy Berkov

Vitaliy Berkov

Владивосток, Russia

The new year begins with new acquaintances. We are glad to present you our new friend – Vitaliy Berkov.

To list all of his awards and achievements we should have to make a huge post, so we'll name just some of them.

The photographer of RIA VladNews, finalist of nationwide exhibition of photo magazine National Geographic «Wild Russia", a six-time winner of the project "Look at Vladivostok", two-time winner of the festival of travel and adventure films "I walk the Earth" in the "Photo-exhibition" nomination, and many others.
In addition, it is worth noting an interesting specialization of Vitaliy Berkov – landscapes of the seaside region.

And now it is time to see the posters by Vitaliy Berkov, which are represented in our gallery.

Vitaliy Berkov

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