Volkova Darian

Volkova Darian

Санкт-Петербург, Russia

Fouettes with a camera


— I’m not quite interested in posed photography, that is why I try to «open up» the art of ballet from the inside for a spectator to see what, as a rule, is hidden from an impartial spectator. This is regular practices, rehearsals of new scenes, tiresome tours, and, naturally, life behind the scenes. These are the moments of documentary genre that are interesting due to its sincerity and being realistic, — Dariyan Volkova, a dancer of Theatre of Classical Ballet in St. Petersburg, comments on her desire to create unique photos of girls who committed themselves to ballet.      

However, the 24-yar-old ballet dancer takes not only «behind-the-scenes» photos of the ballet life. Instagram sees constant increase of photos of ballet dancers that show Dariyan’s another artistic search. Photos, in which every step, gesture, lean take us to a magic world of ballet fairy-tale making us hold our sudden heartbeat back.      

«Ballet Fairy-Tales», an interesting and unexpected project of a young photographer, has a shade of old yards of Peterburg and shows delicate gracefulness of dancing girls. These are not posed photos with adjusted lighting and framed with decorations. This is work in which the photographer manages to catch a needed moment having captured it in a photo frame. Now, this is art. «I feel a specific trepidation towards film photography», - acknowledges Dariyan.   

— My husband is a photographer, and I enjoyed him taking pictures of people. I would look at these photos and think: «I can also see! I can also do it!» He gave me a film camera and I lost all my money – I spent it on the film. At first, I took pictures of everything. But then, my husband asked me why I didn’t take pictures of ballet dancers since I had an easy access to ballet, — tells Dariyan Vokova about her first steps towards stylish photos in her blog. Daryian Volkova’s photos show exquisite, graceful, elegant, and sincere are the images created by ballet dancers of the Bolshoi, Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky and other theatres.

I used to take photos of those people, who I personally invited to be a part of the project, —  tells the author of beautiful photos, — but today, many dancers express their desire to take part in it. So, professional like what I do. This is high praise.

Talent, multiplied by total dedication and unbelievable tenacity, is the key theme of all of Daryian Volkova’s works:    

We are responsible for any knowledge. The things I open in my stories are the kind of excursion to the «laboratory» of the profession. All theatres always conceal the reverse side behind the scenes, and they have reason for that. The things people, working behind the scenes, see are not that pretty… The instrument of ballet dancers is their body. It never lies, it needs strict discipline and, at the same time, support and care for it to sing well. But if you think you’ve got a good hold of your body, better forget about it. This instrument needs a very long tuning process. It is better to start from the childhood, while it is still soft and obedient, and you can make it noble, beautiful and continue this process throughout the entire life. No safety, everything is true and real.

Daryian Volkova with her black-and-white photos «48 swans» and «Gisel», in which the interplay with life bewitches and gratefulness verges on ease will definitely be an intrigue in 2017 photo nominations. Posters, created on the basis of the ballet dancer’s photos will give a real aesthetic delight and adorn your interior.    

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