The time when we live is an era of accessible information. News about events should be published almost faster than these events occur. To communicate with our customers, for you to be aware of the latest novelties and developments in the world of photographs, we are running this blog. Here we talk about real interests of the creators of the project Posters & Legends and its customers.

• Interview with the authors of our project. These are frank and sincere stories of photographers who create unusual and profound works. We introduce the personality of the photographer to you, with his creative and life formation. From the interview you will find out why the author chose this or that genre of photography, what techniques are closer to him, what he wants to convey to his audience, and most importantly what lies in his creative plans for the future.

• We also talk about how our photo posters are manufactured. Printing technologies, fixing and decorating methods, materials we write about everything in our blog. Once we master the new technique for creating posters, we immediately share this information with you. All technical questions and details are described in details in articles, dedicated to the production of posters.

• The world of photography is constantly evolving; new techniques, new authors, something goes out of fashion, and something, on the contrary, becomes relevant. For example, recently we introduced the light-based posters - a novelty, which combines the best of lightings and author's photographs. News from the world of photos you can also find out on the site Here you can order author's photo-posters also.

• Photo posters are primarily designed for interior decoration. We decided to help not only in choosing a poster, but also in creating an image of your house. To do this, in our blog we publish articles about interior, design and basic decorating rules. Thanks to these articles, it will be easier to choose the place of the poster for the interior and correctly enter it into the existing space.

• One of the most favorite sections of our customers is the section dedicated to discounts and promotions. We constantly conduct promotions, thanks to them you can buy a poster on the wall much cheaper. Follow our blog and have the special offers!

The company Posters & Legends offers you to become not only our client, but also a regular reader of the blog that we fill out specially for you. We have collected really useful information and publish only the most current news.



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