Interviews with famous photographers reveal the secrets of beautiful photographs. What, how and when should you shoot? How can you become a photographer? Are there any secrets of digital photography? What is the secret of good photos? Useful tips for photography and interesting answers to unexpected questions.


Andrew Geraci, a professional photographer from the USA, shares his secrets in the interview:


— A good photographer has his own secrets. A couple of advice as to photography will help reveal them a little bit. The best time for time-lapse, scenery, or portrait photography is early morning. By waking up early, you can take astounding photos.


Don’t be afraid of rain, it will become your friend. Water, pouring from the sky, will turn roads into giant mirrors reflecting buildings with sparkling windows, car lamps, and passers-by, which will totally change emotional tone of your photos and will help take good pictures.


And finally, never give up! If you couldn’t reveal the secret of digital photography at once, try again! Again and again! Your patience will be rewarded with, if not superb result, a new idea. This is the only way to become a real photographer.


Rodney Smith, a master of black-and-white photography, New York, USA, said: «In any art, the most important thing is to clarify who you are and do what you want to do. You shouldn’t do what people want you to do. Find your own style and sense in photos. To find it find yourself».


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