How to make a unique photo portrait, shoot the autumn landscape. What to choose - a mirror camera or a new lens. Which brand of camera is better - Nikon or Canon. Surveys of novelties of photo equipment and ratings of the largest world manufacturers, their strengths and weaknesses.

Any photographer working with a camera of one of popular brands Canon or Nikon is positive that his camera is the best. It is true as for successful work and quality pictures one needs to know the resources of his device and skillfully use it.

Both Nikon and Canon take part in big space projects; have huge contracts in the production of semiconductors. The only thing they are not oriented on is consumer electronics. An important difference between these companies is that Canon has a solid portfolio in office equipment production having big production capacity, while Nikon focuses on optics, lens, and microscopes.   

Evaluating new photo techniques products by the quality of image, according to DxOMark tests assessing RAW-files by the maximum possible information that they can give Nikon cameras top their opponent. Canon EOS-1D X, closest competitor for Nikon, is rated 30th in this list. In reality, the quality of image with high ISO is good with both brands.    

So, don’t believe those who passionately prove advantages of a certain brand. The main thing is that a camera has to be convenient and well mastered, while the selection of lens satisfies your needs.

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