Unique photo galleries and the latest trends in photography: the beauty of a naked female body; Exclusive footage from the sea depths taken with a risk to life; photo of nature in close-up. The most famous photographers with the most striking pictures.


Galleries regularly display work of famous photographers. Masters of photography often experiment with various styles, though the notion of style in photography is rather relative and subjective in attempt to portray personal perception of reality.


People still debate whether photography like graphics, painting, and sculpture should be considered as art. After all, a camera is not just an entourage thing and an expensive toy for a photographer. It is a special tool with the help of which famous photographers give the spectator a chance to see the other side of the world.


Current photography styles are primarily characterized by composition, technique, and interpretation of theme using color and its tones. This along with personal vision forms the style of photographer’s works. The most famous photographers work in classic styles (glamour, vintage, retro, scenery, still life, pin-up, grunge, and nu) as well as form their personal approaches to photography. Each of them has personal styles due to which any work becomes original and unique.            


Posters & Legends gallery – we create legends!



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