When you visit a cafe or a restaurant, you want not just to eat deliciously, but you also want to spend time in good vibes, to get aesthetic pleasure. Posters used for design solution in the interior of a cafe or a restaurant will surely underscore the style of the establishment, giving to it a highlight and focusing on individuality.


— The positive mood in the theme of images which are presented in the interior of bars, cafes and restaurants is a very important detail. I really like art cafes and bars with well-chosen images. I like considering characters' faces, scenes, catching thoughts of the authors of these works for a long time, — Yury Davydov,  the interior designer, manager of the project "KITCHEN DESIGN" shares his feelings.


Постеры в дизайне кафе и ресторанов
Photoposters will create positive mood and will emphasize style


— Try not to use mass-produced posters while you are dealing with design, — the famous designer recommends. — Look for your own original solutions. Exclusive images, photo posters will help your clients to pass time waiting for their orders, and to get extra pleasure from the interior.


Fashionable nowadays loft style in the design of cafes and restaurants is nothing more than rooms which were converted from buildings built for entirely different purposes. As a rule, we are talking about former factory shops or warehouses. In the loft style, the role of an original art object is played by all kinds of adaptations and accessories which point to the industrial past. Thematic non-standard photoposters which are based on Peter Verhug's underwater photographs or Anders Andersson's unique landscapes which were made from a bird's eye view will emphasize adherence to the individual style, whose motto is «minimum partitions, maximum fresh air». These are exactly those ones photo posters that can be bought in the Posters & Legends Gallery in Moscow, and they will create right impression, forcing the client to stay and continue the rest exactly in this location.


Постеры в дизайне кафе и ресторанов
Posters in an interior of art club


Everybody has his own opinion regarding what an art cafe is, but there is only thing that can be surely confirmed - this is an unusual, special location. In such places, attention is paid not only to the cuisine and to the quality of service. Art cafes gather  creative people with similar interests, and the special emphasis is made not only on entertainment for visitors, but also on the exclusivity of the interior, that emphasize remoteness from kitsch, which was created by pop culture of the 20th century. This requirement is fully met by photographs of Steffen Ulbrich, which are filled with searching of light, of volumes and shapes, that are photos that amaze with their depth and laconism. You can buy these photoposters, which emphasize with their own unique, easily recognizable style of art cafe, in the gallery Posters & Legends, Moscow.


Contemporary trends oblige such kind of institutions to have their own bright, unique and memorable image, which can be created with the help of author's posters from the Posters & Legends gallery. They are the ones that will bring a touch of aesthetic grace and familiarity with the world of art to the atmosphere of a cafe or a restaurant.


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