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Wall posters is one simple and affordable ways to reflect your dreams, your wishes by their visualization with the help of interior and by setting a specific mood in the room. At the same time, it gives you feedback. A well selected wall décor that corresponds to the owner’s character, automatically places him in the comfort zone, gives a chance to relax, and dive into his inner world, his feelings being distracted from current problems. Warmth, coziness, and comfort give the owner a chance to look at himself, at his problems and tasks from the side, and, possibly, find a solution.


Darian Volkova, «Red hall»
Darian Volkova, «Red hall»


Ideally, room décor, including wall posters, supplement the interior perfectly fitting into it. Stylish wall posters must preserve general trend in room décor and not live a separate life turning a good idea into a blunt lack of taste.


Posters full of warm red or coffee tone, ideally fit classic interior being p[laced on the wall with brown shades. Images with greater contrast of color will give the interior certain dynamism. Hi-tech goes well with aggressively-red or canary tones of posters images. Posters with abstract or futuristic concept are the best choice for those who love minimalism.    

This article starts a cycle of recommendations for stylish use of décor elements in the interior paying much attention to color solutions.


Don’t shy away from gray


Gray color is still topical for interior tendencies nowadays. Remains of construction works, crude concrete walls, and uncovered communication tubes will only emphasize the refinement of designer setting. Nowadays, gray is used not only by loft, hi-tech, and minimalism, gray palette has also found its shelter in classic interior.


Hardi Saputra, «Propeller»
Hardi Saputra, «Propeller» 



Textures of any kind do not shade but emphasize the gray palette. It ideally matches natural materials. Combination of big wall posters having shades of gray with “wild” stone, raw masonry, or any other kind of “rough” texture makes a wonderful impression. Décor refinement only enhances the impression of this combination. “Brilliance and misery” is a popular trend in modern interior design.   


Black-and-white wall posters with spectacular interplay of light and shade, which reflects all range of emotions – from deep black to dazzling white creating psychologically-energetic boost, pacifying the soul, and relaxing the body.   


Certainly, shades of gray look heavy, but peacefully. That is why it should not be used in nursery interior. Although, there no rules without exceptions. For instance, elements of gray in a nursery of a hyperactive child and cool black-and-white wall posters with sports motives will smooth away exceeding emotional excitement while having a soothing and pacifying effect on child’s psychic.  


Zsolt Andras Szabo, «Magic giant»
Zsolt Andras Szabo, «Magic giant»


In combination with delicate tones, gray becomes warmer while being colder and more solemn on the background of dark shades. Combining the opposites, black and whites, gray functions as a superb base for various coloristic experiments increasing their brightness and saturation, serving a great emphasis in various interior solutions.      


When ordering wall posters, a big range of possibilities opens up both in terms of execution and themes; you obtain carte blanche of unlimited fantasy in selection of interior color solution.   


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