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    The real art works are exhibited in galleries so everyone can see them and buy. We also do the same with our photo posters. This is the work of photo artists, which you can see both in virtual and in real exhibition halls. On the site, photos are located in the posters gallery, in which, for the convenience of viewing, all the works are categorized. You can filter out the images for viewing by authors, by topic or by the time they appeared on the site.

    We go beyond the virtual world, and our posters can be bought in real galleries. Posters with photos are exhibited in independent galleries, dedicated only to interior design, as well as in showrooms, where furniture, decor and decoration materials are exhibited.

    We decided to create real galleries for the following reasons:

    • For a large number of buyers, it is important to see a picture for the interior and evaluate its dimensions, design and plot in "live" poster;

    • Often you need to buy a poster "here and now" and pick it up for a specific interior. That's why we will open our showrooms in large furniture and interior centers so that if you pick up wallpapers or wall paint, furniture or textiles, you can immediately buy a poster that fits the whole situation;

    • Finally, we work with real artists in the field of photography, so our gallery is also an art space in which you can just enjoy them.

    We have plans to open showrooms in several countries. Somewhere it will be an independent platform, somewhere we will collaborate with the manufacturers of goods for the interior. On our site you will find all information about the location, working hours and format of our galleries. We will tell not only about our salons, but also about shops and workshops located in close proximity, so that you can plan your purchases most rationally.

    In the galleries ready-made photo posters are presented and there is an opportunity to issue a custom-made poster. If you like the story, you can order it in a different size or choose any work from the catalog, having previously discussed all the details with the consultant. Information about the materials, printing method and design is easy to find on our website or get from consultants.

    We invite you to our galleries, where you can touch the creativity of the most talented photo artists of the world!




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