To decorate the interior with paintings and posters – is modern and fashionable solution. Initially, a large poster is an advertising image, drawn or printed on a fabric, paper or other material and fixed on a stretcher. His main task was to attract attention, to be a bright accent. Modern photo posters are manufactured using the newest printing technologies, and they have found their use not only as advertising, but also in the interior design of residential spaces, offices, cafes and restaurants, as well as hotels.

Posters that you can order at a pleasant price on the Posters & Legends website are real photo arts works. We use the works of photo artists from around the world. We work directly with the authors, who provide their photos for subsequent printing on posters. The image has already been created by the artist, and our main task is to convey his thought as accurately as possible and to translate it into the material. We use a variety of printing techniques:

• Printing on plastic

• Printing on foam board (both of these types of printing are the most affordable)

• Printing on acrylic

• Plasticizing

• Printing on a wood

• Printing on aluminum

• The most common for the buyers of photo posters printing type – print on canvas.

• And of course printing on traditional photo paper with a passepartout.

On the website of Posters & Legends you can buy photo-posters of various formats:

• Vertical photographic pictures – this format is often found in object photos for successful arrangement of the object, decorative details and landscape;

• Horizontal photo posters – this orientation is typical for shooting landscapes, for multi-object compositions, stylized still lives;

• Square posters look very thorough, but always up to date. They are chosen for combination in an interior with other objects of the square form, often combine several square posters among themselves. Cropping an image into a square requires a special skill for the photographer;

• Panoramic posters are suitable for realization of ideas for shooting panoramas of wild nature, city landscape, transfer of space with maximum coverage. Panoramic posters completely change the interior, they literally immerse the viewer in the "picture".

Also, for any format, the design is provided – frames, different types and colors of the passepartout.

Of course, when choosing a poster for a house or an office, it is important not only its format, but also its subject and color solution. The color scale of the poster is chosen based on the principle of contrast or a combination with the palette of the entire interior. Playing on contrast, you can choose a composition in cold shades for the interior in warm colors, and, accordingly, vice versa. A spectacular decorating technique is to supplement the room in blue tones with a photograph in the gray-blue gamma, or dilute the bright juicy design of the apartment with a series of graphic posters for the interior.




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