Dream & Creation

If a person passionately dreams of something, then these dreams necessarily come true. Someone climbs the mountain peaks, and, standing at the peak of his dream, frozen through and insanely happy, he will greedily gasp for the rare mountain air with his weather-beaten mouth. 

The other in his dreams travel around the world where, on the shore of a quiet bay, he catches the beckoning light of the setting sun in his arms, gliding over the endless water surface, ready to drown in the ocean depths. Passionately dreaming of something, we feel the flavors of our dream, breathe its air, hear its sound and form a clear intention to make our dream a reality. But the path for reaching it will be much easier if it is supported by the bright images of dreams that surround us in everyday life and motivate us to go further. 

It is this impetus, motivating image, can become photographic posters, with juicy and vivid images that materialize our desires, making our goal visible and tangible, our dream, creating a certain image of the result. Visualize your dream - and it will turn into reality, because dreams come true!