Insightful sculptures or compositions, otherwise called art objects, are periodically exhibited by young and venerable architects in the urban environment.


Having no boundaries of human imagination, it is sometimes possible to create unique art objects that are simply amazing with their phantasmagoria, the purpose of which is to diversify and decorate the space that is accustomed to the eye.


Apparent creations of creatures from the parallel world, they keep the audience or their creators on the alert.


Photo posters with art objects that have transformed standard city landscapes into sources of inspiration, emphasizing the unusual and the interiors status, will undoubtedly be the decoration of any home or office, speaking of your readiness to renew the world around you.


Popular Art is “coded” in the name a trend that features uniqueness, creativity, brilliance. Photo posters emphasizing pop art style can contain various themes: they may depict animals, scenery, still life, dishes, people. A series of the same photo done in different color variations can be a specific emphasis.


Art-deco style has picked up cubism and Edwardian neoclassicism, ethnics and primitive art, African motives and ancient Greece antiquity. Colors used in art-deco are bright, blatant, contrast. Photo posters of this style are full of abundant tropical plants from foreign countries, images of panthers, tigers, lions, and their prey.


Art Nouveau “new art” is an interpretation of Gothic by the “art-end-craft” masters with elements of folk art. Art Nouveau is exquisitely erotic, the colors are subtle, “natural”, pastel, containing motives of common plants and flowers growing just outside.


The art style is universal and reminds precious stones in a kaleidoscope that can be arranged indefinitely having a new picture every time that is now worth than the previous one.      


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