Sport lifestyle is not a trend or fashion. Sport is the best remedy from depression and a great opportunity to get rid of accumulated negativity. When the goals are set, one needs to create a schedule of practices and act according to it. However, this may not be enough. Often we feel lazy, get distracted by bad weather, or simply are not in the mood to do anything. So, how can we get a hold of ourselves?


Photo posters showing desire to win and sorrow of loss, photos showing athletes and spectators’ emotions, posters of sport stars and various kinds of sports will not only adorn your home interior emphasizing your image and lifestyle, but will also be an excellent sport motivator for you and your friends. Sport is life!    


Motivation is even a more difficult issue for sports matters than the very process of training. Any success in sport, be it minor or significant, is stipulated not so much by talent and skills, but by will power and character. When the word “want” is replaced by “need”, no excuses will do.


Overcoming yourself, being able to leave the zone of comfort and achieve your goals is the only way to become successful in sports and life.


— Sport contains drama, beauty, and variety of emotions. I like it both as a spectator and a photographer. I try not just to catch a certain phase of a sports event, but to capture a moment in history that can become decisive or reveal something that we could not even expect, — says Ivan Sekratariov, Associated Press photographer.  


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