What do those feel who, traveling round the world, prepare for you selections of unique photos? Travel stories around Russia, Europe and the world. Events that can’t be imagined and photos of the most beautiful places, not requiring explanations. Photo and photo posters, to which you come back again and again…


Creation of impressive image of even rather effective part of nature having felt its potential, depiction of beauty, grandeur and boundlessness of Russia, comfort and serenity of quiet parts of Europe, rendering of rising feelings and emotions in a photo frame in the form of memorable image is quite a difficult task.


“I saw a boy standing in water waist-deep. He was carrying a goat on his shoulders across the river. I saw a girl who buried herself in sand up to the neck to escape from enormous heat. Two boys were fighting till they bled because of a huge stone that they retrieved from the water. I saw a lot of things. However, to take photos of these images I had to turn into God”, Sacha Dean Biyan, a photographer-traveler, Canada.


All photographers-travelers want to see the places where people live a different life with different religion and philosophy, photograph these images, depict the whole world with a single frame.


“Even in the hands of a master, a camera will not render the entire beauty of nature”, assures Marc Adamus, one of the most talented photographers-landscapists of today.


Admiring works of masters of photography, one may realize that a human being is just a part of wild nature. We are united, it depends on us and we totally depend on it.   


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